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Getting To

Seegreen Lodges

Away from mall road

Via Mussoorie Mall

Escape Mussoorie Mall's hustle with a 4km drive to Seegreen. Away from the mall road, find serenity surrounded by nature at Seegreen.Keep in mind that Mussoorie has two main gathering spots, one at Picture Palace and the other at Library Chowk.

To get to Seegreen from Library Chowk, you can get a private taxi for around Rs. 400/- but the fee is season-dependent. Look out for the Seegreen Cafe 'The Best View Cafe in Mussoorie' signage. If you're ever in doubt, just ask any of the locals for directions to Seegreen, Hathipaon, or the George Everest point.

As you make your way, you'll notice the road winding through small settlements. After you spot the Convent of Jesus and Mary (Waverly School), it's a smooth journey through the lush forest. Roll down the windows, and enjoy the fresh, cool air and the soothing sounds of birds chirping.

Via the Main Highway to Mussoorie

After you pass through Bhatta village, keep an eye out for a left turn that will lead you to Hathipaon junction. This is a picturesque drive as you continue towards and pass the Nag Devta Mandir. Keep going till you get to Hathipaon junction, a quaint village that is home to five families. If you're ever in doubt, just ask any of the locals for directions to Seegreen at Hathipaon, Seegreen Cafe with a view of Mussoorie, or the George Everest point.

George everest point
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