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Homestay in Natural Surrounding,India

Afterall, what is more relaxing than getting away from all the daily hustle and bustle and spend a few days in nature in the Best Hotel in Natural Surrounding.

With eco-consciousness on a steady rise, more and more people want to expand their efforts of going green and also spend their vacations surrounded by mother nature.Recognizing this growing trend, dozens of new hotels and resorts spring up every year, offering a wonderful combination of comfort and closeness to our roots.We are rated as one of the top Hotel in Natural Surrounding.

Our guests from all over the world, whether individual travellers, couples, families or businesses for corporate celebrations, love the varied sense of togetherness they experience here with us. And they enjoy the totally relaxed atmosphere of luxury created by the warmth and friendliness of the team comprising employees of various nationalities, the majority of them however from the local region.

For a hotel to be considered the best Hotel in Natural Surrounding , it must fulfill at least one of the following practices or features:

Having had certain environmental, social and cultural principles into account at the time of its design.

Respecting the natural surrounding, both in social and natural terms. This means not contaminating, respecting the local culture...

Contributing to the community's development supporting local businesses.

Promoting the consumption of local and ecologic alimentary products.

Basing the main part of its energetic supply in renewable energies.

Using low-consumption illumination, water-saving systems...

Using organic materials on items such as towels or bed sheets.

We therefore cater all these features which in turn makes us the top Hotel in Natural Surrounding.

For hotel owners and managers to stand up for one or some of these practices proves their will to run their business respecting the environment and its surroundings.

Our hotel has been designed to ensure that the whole area is bathed in natural daylight. In the outside area, for most of the year the sound of birdsong completes the natural ambience making our hotel the best Hotel in Natural Surrounding. In addition to the sun-bathing areas, you can relax on the adjacent lawn.

Why Choose us

Experience Serenity

At 2000 metres above sea level, experience nature's embrace with deodar trees, alpine meadows, and a refreshing cool climate.

Escape the City Chaos

Our accommodation away from Mall Road Mussoorie lets you rise to birdsong, savour stunning views, wander forest trails, and explore tranquil woodland strolls right at our doorstep.

Clean and Natural Nutrition

Savour the authentic flavours of Himalayan produce in every bite at Seegreen, from mouth- watering mandva rotis to refreshing ginger lemon honey tea.

Indoor & Outdoor Cafe

Seegreen Cafe with a view in Mussoorie, is the place to try the best pizzas, Garwali cuisine, and delicious desserts.

Your Homestay In Mussoorie

Our rooms, and cottages exude an earthy feel with charming decor and the soothing scent of pine. We've crafted a home, not just a hotel for your enjoyment. Come feel the difference.

Explore a World of Experiences

Indulge in a wide range of activities like nature trails, trekking, camping, cycling, birdwatching, photography, day trips, tourist trails, sightseeing, reading, and even tea sessions.

Seegreen Lodges
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Seegreen Lodges
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