Homestay in Himalayas

Words alone can’t do justice to the majesty of the Himalayan landscape and Seegreen Lodges being the Off-beat Homestay in Himalayas is pleased to offer you an extravagant experience and the Boutique Hotel in Himalayas to stay in and enjoy this majestic landscape. Even the air is unique, perfumed with the enticing scents of coffee, pepper, cardamom, wild orchids and jungle flowers.This makes us the best Homestay in Himalayas.

It is only when you stand at an overlook with the world dropping away below your feet that you feel the awesome magic of this primal land at Seegreen Lodges, the Best Homestay in Himalayas. Best explored slowly and on foot, these wild lands, winding paths and well-concealed enclaves beg discovery.

Homestay in Himalayas



Homestay in Himalayas

Wile away your days in a quiet luxury Hotel in Himalayas where rustic charm meets luxury comfort. Seegreen Lodges, Homestay in Himalayas is the perfect place to escape the world as you know it to breathe in clean mountain air and connect with the landscape of hills carved by majestic glaciers that feed crisp flowing streams with their summer melt. In an abundant riverine valley, go out bird watching, read a book, or simply relax and watch the river flow by.



At Seegreen Lodge, you can just chill and relax in cool mountain air, soak in the informal ambience or choose to explore the surrounding in one of these....

Bird Watching

Seegreen is famous for nature trails in surrounding forests. Choose the one that suits your lung power and muscle strength….

Nature Trails

Located just 4 kms from the mall road, seegreen is your best base to explore mussorie’s colonial heritage…..


Camping, Trekking, Rafting & Cycling are some of most popular adventure activities around seegreen lodges....

Why choose seegreen lodges

The Advantages

Experience Serenity

Feel in the lap of nature surrounded by deodar trees, alpine meadows and cool climate at 2000 metres above sea

Pure ingredients

Experience pureness of Himalayan produce in all that you eat at seegreen – be it mandvarotis or ginger lemon honey!

Feel at Home

Soak in the simplicity of room decorations or smell of pine in loghut…we created this ‘home’ and not a hotel for you…come and experience the difference!

Away from hustle and bustle

Wake up to the song of birds, gaze at the pristine view from the window and bath the woods while you explore the peaceful walks in the forests around us.

Indoor & Outdoor Cafe

Unique to mussoorie are our open spaces – come enjoy the expresso coffees and ginger lemon honeys on our open spaces

George Everest Point

Hike upto the historic George Everest point ~ just 1.5 kms away

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