Homestay in Mussoorie

Just because you are travelling to these far-flung destinations on the power of your own two legs does not mean your experience will be rudimentary, however.our Off-beat Homestay in Mussoorie offer luxuries and comforts that equal a five-star hotel or boutique hotel on any beach or more obviously cosmopolitan destination.

Perched atop the hills where timber-covered mountains and snow-capped peaks have earned the region the nickname of “Switzerland of India” you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a cheerful fire burning in your room at our Homestay in Mussoorie & resort gazing out the wide window Himalaya view Hotel in Mussoorie offers endless series of grey and blue peaks. High in the hills, you can experience true solitude and freedom.

Homestay in Mussoorie

Seegreen Lodges

How To Reach

Why choose seegreen lodges

The Advantages

Experience Serenity

Feel in the lap of nature surrounded by deodar trees, alpine meadows and cool climate at 2000 metres above sea

Pure ingredients

Experience pureness of Himalayan produce in all that you eat at seegreen – be it mandvarotis or ginger lemon honey!

Feel at Home

Soak in the simplicity of room decorations or smell of pine in loghut…we created this ‘home’ and not a hotel for you…come and experience the difference!

Away from hustle and bustle

Wake up to the song of birds, gaze at the pristine view from the window and bath the woods while you explore the peaceful walks in the forests around us.

Indoor & Outdoor Cafe

Unique to mussoorie are our open spaces – come enjoy the expresso coffees and ginger lemon honeys on our open spaces

George Everest Point

Hike upto the historic George Everest point ~ just 1.5 kms away

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