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Seegreen's Guardians


Gudvir and his wife Suman are the dynamic duo from a farming family in Gaid in the Tehri district. They are true mountain folk brimming with infectious energy, radiant smiles, and a helpful demeanour. Gudvir is the backbone of his family that comprises his parents, three children, and livestock.

Our introverted major-domo is a culinary wizard especially when it comes to Indian cuisine. His local dishes are mouth-watering with a list of specialities that include sarso ka saag, makke ki roti, rye ki subzi, aloo with zakiya, barbeque chicken, and mutton biryani.

Gudvir goes above and beyond to ensure guests enjoy delectable dishes crafted to their taste whether it's home-style comfort or fiery spice. His personal touch is what makes the experience unforgettable. Many of our loyal repeat guests have shared that Gudvir is the main reason they keep coming to our estate. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let him know your food preferences. He's here to make your stay a foodie's dream come true.

Somender Singh

Meet our energetic caretaker and your 'go-to' person for all queries during your stay. Somender is from the Thathyur district and has experienced the true pahadi lifestyle. His childhood tales involve thrilling encounters with bears and leopards. He trekked 15 kilometres daily to attend school after which he'd tend to his family's livestock and live in a rustic 'chappar' till late evening.

At Seegreen, he takes his responsibilities very seriously from housekeeping to serving and also ensuring that the homestay house rules are followed. This is his first job and he has mastered the art of quietly and unobtrusively taking care of guest needs. Somender loves the lodge life and dreams of growing with the best homestay in Mussoorie.

For local adventures, whether it's challenging hikes, nature trails, birding routes or a bike requirement to head into town, just ask Somender. He's the best guide and is always eager to show guests around.

*Just like the folks running the show, our boys haven't had any formal hospitality training. So, while you share our home, we'd really appreciate your patience. We're doing our best to make your stay top-notch.

Tama and Yeti

If you like dogs, you're in for a treat with these two. Meet Tama, the mother, and Yeti her son. This team double up as your trusty watch dogs, and Seegreen's security guards. Yeti, a pure breed Bhotiya is a powerhouse and a steadfast companion on all our excursions. He's game for an adventure whether it's a morning stroll or a venture into the moonlit nights.

We can't imagine a walk around Seegreen without the dogs by our side. They love sunning themselves at the outdoor cafe and are very happy to receive scratches and attention. We cherish our fur balls and would love to see them roam freely around the estate.

We understand that not everyone is as enthusiastic about dogs as we are. If you'd prefer not to have them around, please let Somender know. He will make sure they're relocated to their home on the adjacent property. Your comfort is our priority.

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