Peaceful place to stay in Himalayas

For as long as mankind can remember, the Himalayas have been known as the place where God resides. It’s no surprise then, that it’s also a place that’s deeply spiritual and peaceful. Seegreen Lodges is knwon as the most Peaceful place to stay in Himalayas as most come here to really get away from it all – from yoga retreats to luxury spa escapes, there’s plenty to do while checking out the Indian Himalayan region.

The goal here is to relax and unwind, so turn off your phones and forget about that Instagrammable photo opportunity for a while. Practice mindfulness, appreciate the surroundings you’re in, and you’ll be in for a treat for the best Homestay in Himalayas as Seegreen Lodges being the best Peaceful place to stay in Himalayas offers all of it. Our serenity and peace is a unique Work from home hotel in Himalayas.

Peaceful place to stay in Himalayas

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Seegreen Lodges provides a unique opportunity for you to lose yourself in the romance of nature with mountain views of the Himalayas.What our guests speak about most is that singular experience of being truly seen, heard and understood. Experience a hotel away from the crowd in Himalayas. Something no other hotel or resort can emulate for our best Homestay in Himalayas.

Surrounded by undulating hills and imbued with simple elegance, our property offers views to the Great Himalayan range making us the most Off beat Hotel in Himalayas. Read more...

How To Get To Seegreen Lodges

Peaceful place to stay in Himalayas

Your Bed and Breakfast place in Mussoorie.

We are located in a small mountain hamlet - Hathipaon. We are about 35 kms from Dehradun and approx 4 from Mussorie mall - library side. Do bear in mind that Mussorie has two meeting points - one is picture palace and the other is library chawk. We are approachable from the library chawk side by private taxis that typically charge 300 to 400 Rs depending upon tourist rush of course! Read more...



At Seegreen Lodge, you can just chill and relax in cool mountain air, soak in the informal ambience or choose to explore the surrounding in one of these....

Bird Watching

Seegreen is famous for nature trails in surrounding forests. Choose the one that suits your lung power and muscle strength….

Nature Trails

Located just 4 kms from the mall road, seegreen is your best base to explore mussorie’s colonial heritage…..


Camping, Trekking, Rafting & Cycling are some of most popular adventure activities around seegreen lodges....

Why choose seegreen lodges

The Advantages

Experience Serenity

Feel in the lap of nature surrounded by deodar trees, alpine meadows and cool climate at 2000 metres above sea

Pure ingredients

Experience pureness of Himalayan produce in all that you eat at seegreen – be it mandvarotis or ginger lemon honey!

Feel at Home

Soak in the simplicity of room decorations or smell of pine in loghut…we created this ‘home’ and not a hotel for you…come and experience the difference!

Away from hustle and bustle

Wake up to the song of birds, gaze at the pristine view from the window and bath the woods while you explore the peaceful walks in the forests around us.

Indoor & Outdoor Cafe

Unique to mussoorie are our open spaces – come enjoy the expresso coffees and ginger lemon honeys on our open spaces

George Everest Point

Hike upto the historic George Everest point ~ just 1.5 kms away

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