At Seegreen Lodge, you can just chill and relax in cool mountain air, soak in the informal ambience or choose to explore the surrounding in one of these....

Bird Watching

Seegreen is famous for nature trails in surrounding forests. Choose the one that suits your lung power and muscle strength….

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Nature Trails

Located just 4 kms from the mall road, seegreen is your best base to explore mussorie’s colonial heritage…..

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Camping, Trekking, Rafting & Cycling are some of most popular adventure activities around seegreen lodges...

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Things to do at Seegren Lodges

At See Green Lodges you can just laze around and take in the wonderful ambience, or take up early morning walks so you can watch the splendid sunrise that will be unlike any other.

Tea Sessions

We can organize tea sessions out in the garden, so you can enjoy a truly marvelous view with your morning cuppa chai. Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners of the Veg and Non-Veg variety and of a truly delectable palette are also things to look forward to.


If you have a good camera, you could spot out the Mountain Hawk Eagle or the Hill Partridge or even the Eurasian Jay or perhaps, rarer birds like the White tailed Nuthatch or Bar Tailed Tree Creeper which are only found in these parts.


While we do have a library that has a wide selection of travel and fictional works, our recreation centre is also quite popular with youngsters with a wide variety of indoor games to choose from.

A Day Visit

A day visit to Dhanaulti is recommended. One can explore this small Himalayan village offering splendid views of the Badri and Kedar ranges of the Himalayas while you revel in the shade of the Deodar and Oak forests. For bird lovers, small exploratory walks through sweet smelling apple orchards and pine forests will be both educational and memorable! A leisurely stroll down an actual hill forest trail at Eco Park is also refreshingly unique!


For those with a thirst for adventure, a four to five day beginners level, easy trek to Nag Tibba is highly recommended. We at See Green would be the one stop shop to all your trekking needs, and would organize the trekking gear and the guides, porters, snacks, basically, everything you would need! - You would, however, need to build some power in your lungs for this spirited yet highly enjoyable trek through the Deodar and Rhododendron Forests!

Step Outside

For those of you who can bring yourselves to step out of the premises, you could try the local Landour market, which has a nice collection of footwear and silverware to choose from. The Lal Tibba walk, which used to be a watch tower during the British Raj also makes for an interesting thing to do. Or you could go horse - riding to Camels back road, which is a rather unique rock formation that resembles a camel, and gives you a superb view of the Himalayas.

Need More ?

And if that is not enough, there are many popular eating joints around Landour and Mussoorie for the experimental guest. You can enjoy a cool drink of Rhododendron juice that is a local speciality during season time, or enjoy some pizza at the Sisters Bazaar.

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