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Boutique hotel Uttarakhand

"For the cause that lacks assistance, The wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance..."

Complex business issues with multi interest groups require a well-structured approach to realize the opportunities they hold. The best way forward must be identified with all parties, interests incorporated and members prepared to both endorse and support the chosen route.

A high level of facilitation is incorporated into all our programmes. However, we are frequently asked to run workshops to establish direction and action for groups, and this is done in a professional manner, never forgetting that although we are experts in process, you are the technical experts.

Whilst each situation is unique, as a guide, India Outdoors has the experience to understand the business issues you want addressed, design a process to look at those issues, run sessions to deliver a solution, and follow up with any implementation required. Workshops incorporate proven facilitation methods with appropriate supplementary elements such as creativity tools and analytical problem solving, thus ensuring the members are equipped to harness full performance entitlement.

Programme flow:

  1. Discuss areas to be addressed with issue champion
  2. Discuss with stakeholders as appropriate
  3. Develop and feedback on the process to be used
  4. Facilitate workshop
  5. Additional support as appropriate

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