B&B Himalayas

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B&B Himalayas

There are many trails straight walks and treks into the woods at this B&B in Himalayas. Depending upon your inclination, you can go for the easy or tough outings. The meadows are green throughout the year and are a favorite for camping.

If you are a nature lover, a birder, a trekker ,an artist or simply a tourist who is happy reading a book and chilling, this B&B in Himalayas is the place for you.

If you are in the "active group" then walks , treks , discovering the sheer artistry of the sun and shade dancing through the thick oak and deodar forests or the flight and twitter of vivid Himalayan birds , this B&B in Himalayas  will make you fall in love with nature once again. And if that's not all, you can charge down to the bottom of the hill to get a real feel of what a hill village is like and make it a base camp for deeper forages into Western Garhwal and other spots. There are also a generous helping of plenty of heritage sites within 50 kms of this B&B in Himalayas

Those who come to break away from the mad pace of life , abandon all external activity and reconnect with yourself with the help of that great master: NATURE . Fall into a quiet, uninterrupted trance-like state, while gazing at clear blue sky, at its finest with only a book or a warm, soothing beverage for company. Laze around at this B&B in Himalayas , draw in deep breaths of pure, unadulterated oxygen, get lost in a quiet reverie while gazing across at the vast panorama of the lofty Badri and Kedarnath Range of The Higher Himalayan peaks . At night sit under the velvet blue canopy of a star spangled sky , feel the pure energy of "Yamini" and enjoy the sound of silence.

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