B&B Mussorie

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B&B Mussorie

As you cross BHATTA village, please look for a diversion on your left for HATHIPAON this is where the B&B Mussorie is located

Once you take this left, we are on the HATHIPAON junction - that is approx 9 to 10 kms from the diversion. The road is not in great condition these days on account of repairs but is motorable though , in addition to being very beautiful due to the lovely tree cover throughout.

Here you will pass ahead of the Nag Devta Mandir, keep going till you reach Hathipaon.

It is a small place with only about 5 resident families and is at the junction to go towards the George Everest Point.


You could drive upto Library chowk at the end of the Mall road and then take extreme left towards The convent of Jeasus and Mary (known locally as weverlly School) and proceed to HATHIPAON. You could ask just about anyone for HATHIPAON the best B&B Mussorie  and the locals would guide you.

The road is in excellent condition and fully motorable unto our place. Look out for the diversion to the George Everest point and ask the locals as its a very small place.

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