It does not matter whether you are an avid bird watcher or an amateur. If you are fond of bird calls, walks and love to spend time with nature, seegreen is your ideal base. Just pack your day sack with some water / lungs with some fresh air and you are ready to explore the hathipaon forests…here are some of the popular birding trails….

Benong Bird Sanctuary – Long Walk / long climb – 7 kms*

For birders and nature lovers this medium-level trek is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Snaking its way through dense Oak and Deodar forests, this trek is abound with the presence of avian life- Bar Tailed Tree- Creepers, Rufous Bellied Woodpeckers, several species of Quail, Tits, Babblers and Thrushes, Lammegier and if you are lucky a sighting of the Kalij Pheasant as well!

Night Walks to Clouds End – Long Walk / moderate climb – 6kms*

The beauty of the nights here is impossible to describe in words. Against the heady backdrop of star studded skies and serene forests, night jars and Himalayan scopes owl serenade you and make you loose the sense of space and time. A powerful torch and company of our Dogs are a must while on this trail.

George Everest point- Short Walk / short climb – 3 kms*

The historical George Everest house is located in park estate and seegreen is blessed to be part of the same estate. The trail was no more than an bridle path but is now paved and is a lovely wooded walk through the meadows of hathipaon. The path leads you down to the meadow and then a moderate climb up through rhododendron trees (in bloom during march/ April). The all season forests here attracts birds of all kinds and this trail is generally recommended in early mornings for bird watching. You can expect good sighting of tree pies and mountain quail – cant rule out occasional barking of barking deer though!!

Located just 1.5 kilometers from the Lodge is the now abandoned residence of Col. George Everest, the surveyor general of India who mapped out the Indian subcontinent in the late 1800’s. It is Col. Everest after whom the legendary Mt Everest is named! The site also holds ruins of the observatory that overlooks the vast expanse of the Doon and Algar river.

Wishing Well – Leisure Walk – 4kms*

Leisurely trail recommended for early morning or late evening bird watching. As you reach the wishing well, we advise you to climb up towards George Everest peak. As you pass the hathipaon village on your right, keep an eye for occasional calls of mountain scops owl and magpies. The villagers use the trail on the west of hathipaon basti to go down towards dudhli village / or up to Clouds End resort. Both the trails are birder’s paradise.

An old 188 years old well dug by Col Wish (from whom Col Everest purchased the property ‘at a very heavy cost’ - says history books) of Rs 3. This well was the only source of water for Col Everest who lived on the park estate while conducting his survey. The walk offers excellent opportunities for bird watching and boasts of beautiful rhododendron flowering during Spring season. All round the year, this is a favorite walk not only for owners and their Bhutia Dogs but also for guests.

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve- Moderate walk / moderate climb- 5kms*

This is the country’s first private nature reserve which is located a little more than half an hour away from the lodge. This astounding forest boasts of an array of flora and fauna such as the Goral, Leopard, Porcupine, Barking Deer, over 60 species of Mushroom and innumerable wildflowers! A half-day or full-day trip can be organized with or without the presence of a naturalist. You are advised to intimate us well in advance to make arrangments for your transfers and availability of a slot for this visit.

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